Our Process

Our process begins with a conversation and intense research.

Before a pencil is lifted, a word written, a strategy hatched or graphic design creative brief executed we discover who you are today and where you hope to be tomorrow. Before we can share your story, we must understand every nuance. Every chapter of who you were, who you have become and what you have yet to achieve. And we must know who we are communicating with better than they know themselves. Then we must discover a way to tell your story in a voice that is solely yours, one no one else can own. We amplify that voice through sound, target specific strategy and ensure that it is unforgettable through a visual dialogue of original design, copy and impactful story telling. Here is a little about our process:


1. Story Discovery

We begin every partnership with a Story Discovery Session where we  encourage lively open dialogue to get at the heart of who you are and what you are yet to become.


2. Competitive Analysis

We conduct in depth analysis of all hospice providers in a service area to allow you to gain successful footholds in overly competitive markets.


3. Target Analysis

We get in the heads of your targets. Through in depth target analysis we gain understanding of key drivers that will motivate hospice brand choice and build hospice brand advocates.  We combine this with our existing two decades of hospice target research.


4. Hospice Brand Audit

We take an in depth look at your hospice brand with internal and external audiences to discover current and future brand health. Internal and external views then combine to allow us to understand drivers of brand value to support strategic decision making.


5. Focus Groups

We have real conversations with your key publics. These conversations allow us to carve out a messaging niche that will resonate with each hospice target audience to communicate your brand benefits from a target value perception.


6. Hospice Marketing Strategy

Born from our research findings, our marketing strategies are unique and specific to each hospice’s goals, defined needs, challenges, competitive landscape, environment, and mission.  Our hospice marketing strategies are based on real research and 20 years of tested ROI.


7. Brand Creation

During the brand creation phase we define your new conversation with your targets, develop a new or refreshed brand language,  a one of a kind promise about who you are, what you stand for and the unique benefits you deliver.


8. Visual Brand Story

We’ll create a visual language for your hospice brand. We use design to move, evoke an experience and make your story memorable.  Our graphic design has won countless awardsincluding ADDYS and been featured in international design magazines.


9. Brand Training

We’re not done until you know how to live your brand. Brands must be lived and they must deliver the unique trust they promise to their audience. Anoroc provides brand training to ensure employees become an organization’s best brand asset.


10. Development of Tools & Tactics

Anoroc can assist or completely develop tools and tactics used to communicate your brand story. This includes tactics and tools for all audiences including current patients, their families, volunteers, donors, employees, in house hospice gatekeepers, medical communities, media and opinion leaders. See our services.


11. Evaluation & ROI

Anoroc works with our clients to set up success metrics and evaluate strategies to allow us to change focus when needed.